Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Colony Farm
Pitt River
I have copious amounts of local history, as time permits some of it will live here in cyberspace.

I recently found out that Port Moody museum, had put online some logging pictures of the Sig Hage timber company, He was active in the Campbell River area, working for Cameron Lumber Co., in 1922 he is listed in a directory as being manager at the;  Elk Bay Timber Co., Ltd., at Elk Bay, on Vancouver Island { 1
side; daily output, 80 M; 3 donkey engines; 1 high lead; commissary; 60 men; manager, Siguard Hage; superintendent, Jack Phelps; 4 miles of s.g. track; 56 Ib. rail; 1 geared locomotive; fuel used on locomotives, wood; air on equipment; maximum grade, 7 per cent; 8 logging trucks; 3 flat cars. }
and later in the mid 1920's started logging in Port Moody, but mostly in Coquitlam, up to present day Westwood Plateau, and along the Coquitlam River which is where nearly all of the photos were taken. Very little is known about him, his first name spelled Siguard usually, but I see that the Port Moody museum thinks Sigmund, "Sig" is the most common name used. Leonard Frank photos. After they were finished here he moved on into the Stave/Mission area for a while, and then disappears off the map, the depression  being in full swing, by this time.

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