Monday, December 5, 2011

A few interesting pictures from the NW archives

The New Westminster Archives, is constantly adding new photos to its database.
A few from the area here;
 Frank Goodship fonds. Item No. IHP9267-0434.  [between 1949 and 1954].
showing a tracked power excavator loading a dump truck. Record ID  47979
(Sure looks like the Cape Horn area to me! Looks like Mary Hill in the background.  This would be the Lougheed highway  expansion in the 1950's)

Frank Goodship fonds. Item No. IHP9267-0763.  September 24, 1953. Shows the Port Coquitlam Star Furniture building. Photograph was published in the British Columbian page 9, September 24, 1953.
Record ID 48308   (Got to get a today picture of the site. It was located on Kingsway Ave, near Burleigh, From the corner of which this photo was taken) A long wait but here is a TODAY picture of the property.
 Star Furniture was started in 1947 by Maurice Dorfman, (1904-1962) he was married to Ruth Starr (1908-2003), they had a son, James Solomon Dorfman. Ruth remarried after her husbands death to Alfred Toban,(1904-1989).  Maurice and Ruth are buried in the Schara Tzedeck Cemetery in Burnaby.  So it really should have been Starr Furniture.
I think the building was knocked down in the 1980's it was in poor shape,  the building would shake when the trains were near it.

Frank Goodship fonds. Item No. IHP9267-0761. between 1949 and 1954]. An unknown memorial obelisk in a park. (It sure looks like PoCo too me!) Record ID 48306
(I always thought that it looked much better in this original location, and this photo shows that well.
Lest we Forget !)

Frank Goodship fonds. Item No. IHP9267-0710.  Date 1953.  The remains of a Royal Canadian Air Force plane crashed against a mountain. Research indicates it was a Mitchell B-25 Mk 3PT Ex USAF B-25J-30/32-NC serial number 44-31346 that crashed at Widgeon Lake, near Pitt Lake. Record ID 48255.

I have created a pdf that describes the crash event using pictures from the New Westminster Archives, and newspaper articles written at the time of the crash.
  Download the PDF, or view it using Google Docs, (No sign in, required)

Update:  recently noticed that Coquitlam Search and Rescue has a few pictures of the crash site at Flickr.
 And you may want to be able to identify some of the debris up there, or maybe fly a B-25? You will need a copy of this:   Pilot Training Manual For The Mitchell Bomber B-25 (1944)  Very informative, bombs away.....

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