Friday, March 23, 2012

Coquitlam River endangered? or not endangered

Our new councilor, obviously has an IQ in the single digits.
Coquitlam River is not endangered: city councillor.

This river has been in trouble since the first dam went up in 1896.
I always find it interesting how a group that apparently is about the gravel operations and their impacts on the community, is always blaming the urbanization and natural events, something that should not be part of their mandate. It is obvious that urbanization is creating even more problems for the river, but the gravel operators are also making money by encouraging it. Natural events are not that common, and usually clean themselves up fairly quickly. The gravel operations on the other hand, have made great strides in attempting to control their effluent streams, but it is very difficult and very expensive to totally remove the colloidial, glacial silts, that the gravels contain in this area, these are, and always will be a problem. And when it rains, their ponds are all to frequently over-topped,, even the occasional pond failure has happened.   Still waiting for the day when an operator cuts into one of the many buried water bodies that thankfully are infrequent here, but are there, and a major slide event happens as the past history of gravel operations shows

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