Thursday, August 1, 2013

More gravel pit proposals

Yikes ! Every few years some schemer wants to destroy the land and remove some rocks on OUR lands.
If they all got their way there would not be much left, other than some hazardous pits, poorly remediated.
UPDATE: I am keeping a more up to date informational listing of this proposal at my Minnekhada blog  the original proposal for this pit, has the potential in the future for a much larger footprint than outlined in the disposition being applied for at this time.

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John Carley, of Langley, wants to gain access to sand and gravel deposits on 45.13 ha +/- of Crown Land, (OUR LAND) posted online July 8, 2013, but only put into the local newspapers on July 31, 2013.
Land  File No: 2410903
  Notice of intention to apply for a disposition of Crown Land
Management plan   (pdf)
General and detailed maps  (pdf)

Have your say about the proposal HERE
          The term, due diligence, comes to mind, none if any done here;  a little homework from the proponent would discover huge problems to overcome to get what he wants, and he would give up, before he wastes any more money. He must be after the rock, there is very little gravel there, mostly scree. And somehow the proponents Agent: Corey Tomiye, totally missed the salmon-bearing Dairy Creek that runs through the property, it is too large to jump across in one leap.  There are other more nefarious activities in mind for the property from the proponent other than lessons in mining, I fear.  This proposal would have huge negative impacts on Minnekhada Park too, sight-lines destroyed, silt, gravel erosion into the park,,,,,

Overlaid onto Google Earth, (roughly)


  1. That map you provided looks like the gravel pit is in the middle of nowhere. It looks like they picked a good spot to me, no residential around.

    1. Right at the bottom left corner is my house and another 300 homes along that street! The map has completely cut-off the residential part.

  2. Thank you for publicizing this travesty. We are doing what we can to oppose the application.