Friday, August 2, 2013

History Today! Garbage truck gets crushed

     I always knew that this spot was an accident in the making, just a matter of time; actually many years ago there was a similar structure nearby that was near the Hudsons Bay loading dock area, it got lightly bumped a few times, but never fell down; they were smart and removed the problem in one of their renovations.
This accident happened near the southwest end of the mall, in an area used as the main loading dock for London Drugs, among others. The accident caused the stores to move their incoming stock through the public areas of the mall into their stores, creating a lot of traffic.
Garbage truck driver miraculously survives as huge beam crashes down on his cab at Coquitlam Centre mall
A few pictures of the area at Flick:   One --- Two  --- Three
The driver was very lucky to get away from this with his life; he was okay.

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