Friday, November 15, 2013

Davison Park

Pete McMartin: Port Coquitlam's little park with big history

The size of a tennis court, this green space honours two brothers killed in WWII.

Location: HERE
The tiny park commemorates two fallen brothers killed in WWII
George Davison. 1922-1944   Memorial  --- Death Certificate --- Service File
Douglas Davison. 1924-1945   Memorial --- Death Certificate --- Service File.  And a nice picture of the headstone  in Holland, thanks to Flickr user:  Frans van Cappellen  )

Their father was James Davison,( 1890-1947) Attendant at Essondale, who served in WWI  as a Sergeant ( attestation paper ) and in WWII, as a Company Sergeant-Major.  Married at Fernie in 1912, to Stewart  Jackson Arbuckle.(1894-1971)  (who was miss-named as Stuart on the marriage certificate. ) She is buried in Port Coquitlam Cemetery, her headstone.

Stewart Jackson Arbuckle and James Davison, the parents

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