Friday, April 3, 2015

Coquitlam Centre 1979

       The New Westminster archives, has been slowly but surely placing their vast collection of photographs online.
            Below is three aerial views of the Coquitlam Centre area in August 1979, interesting that the photographer was Craig Hodge, working for the Columbian newspaper. Craig is today a Coquitlam City councillor. [ NOTE:  these photos were dated as 1981 at the New Westminster Archives, but the Coquitlam Archives informed me that their copies are dated as August 1979, when the Coquitlam Centre Mall first opened.  ]

Coquitlam Centre. - 1979
Craig Hodge;  Columbian photo. Record ID  66720  
Google Earth 2008

  Aerial view of Coquitlam. - 1979. Aerial view of Coquitlam, including Coquitlam Centre
and the intersection of Lougheed and Barnett.
photo: Craig Hodge; Record ID 66721

Google Earth 2008

Aerial view of the Barnett highway in Coquitlam. - 1979
shows the Barnett highway, with Coquitlam Centre on the left. The Lougheed Highway crosses Barnett at the top of the photograph.
photo: Craig Hodge; Columbian Photo.   Record ID     66722 

Google Earth 2008

NOTE: Notice how we have lost  considerable greenspace in this area, today it looks considerbly different than these images.

UPDATE: came across this photo in the Coquitlam Archives

1979 Photographer: Craig Hodge

Google Earth 2003

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