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Henry William Crawley

      This post is part of my ongoing research into identifying some of the people in the images contained in the Coquitlam Dam album, which is part of the Coquitlam Archives collection. In this post I am focusing on the Crawley family, from Nova Scotia.
Page 8   ca.1912  Photo 1: Arthur Crawley standing on the road, Mr.? on the ground.
[ Appears to be Arthur standing on the far left ]
The 1911 census captured Arthur in the Yale area, where he was doing railway survey work.

Arthur Richard Crawley 54th Battalion   103039 attestation: 4 October 1915 Victoria, B.C. Surveyor. Home: 2250 - 42 Ave. South Vancouver. served in France, where he did field entrenching as a surveyor. He was afflicted with the dreaded influenza near the end of the war, and was demobilized 13 June 1919, after which he got off the train at Revelstoke, and made his way to Trail, B.C., where his sister Irene Alice Crawley, was living.
     Later he appears to have moved back to Cape Breton; then sometime after the death of his parents moved back to B.C. Arthur moved from Vancouver to Selma Park near Sechelt in 1964, to live with his sister Mrs. Lewis Campbell.
Arthur Richard Crawley 11 November 1891 Sydney, N.S. ―  9 June1975 Sechelt. of pneumonia.  
1971Nov10-Award-for Arthurand Sister

Peninsula Times  10 November 1971
receiving Pioneer medals

1975 June 8  Arthur Richard Crawley - Obituary
Page 23  Photo 1: Picnic June 15th, 1913 Mr. Pike, Hal, Mr. Enderby? and Girlie.
Photo 2: Girlie, Hal and myself
Page 24     ca.1913  Photo 2: Girlie Crawley
I have a strong suspicion that Girlie Crawley is, Emily Frances Gesner Huntingdon Crawley, she was married on the 13th of December 1913 at Nanaimo to “Lewis CampbellAlexander Hugh Lewis Taylor Campbell,( 1878 ― 1951 ) dental surgeon, both were living at Coquitlam at the time of the marriage, and their home at the time of Lewis's death was 3691 Point Grey Road.

Emily Frances Gesner Huntington Campbell 11 April 1893 N.S. ― 4 December 1972 Sechelt.

page 25  Photo 2: Hal Crawley

Hal is a nickname for Henry, so this fellow is probably Henry William Crawley, junior. He shows up in the1910,1911 Vancouver directories, living as a student in rooms at 678 Homer Street; and the 1913 directory has him down as a checker for the Vancouver Power Company; and the 1914 directory states that he was a caretaker at the Coquitlam Dam, along with his father.

 Henry William Crawley  7 August 1888 Westmount, Cape Breton, N.S. ― 27 December1940 Huntington, C.B.  Was single and a farmer. Primary cause of his death was heart failure; and secondary was a prolonged suffering from injury to spine, for 45 years. He also had T.B. He had been living on his farm for 12 years.
Page 22   Photo 1: Picnic June 1st, 1913

The fellow on the far left, is one of two possibles:
Alfred George Ranger Enderby ( 1889 ― 1917 ) or
Tom Ranger Enderby ( 1885 ― 1939 )
[ I will do a separate page about these two fellows.]

The Second and Third people in from the left are unidentified.

I  would guess that the three girls are all of the Crawley clan, the ages fit well.

The fellow in the dark shirt, bears a strong resemblance to Hal Crawley who is to the right, and I am assuming that he is the father Henry William Crawley.

1911 census  ( Automated Geneology )  page 11  Coquitlam Dam:  H.W. Crawley  Material agent,  immigrated in 1876

Henry William Crawley 28 August 1863 Bassein,Burmah  ―  5 March 1945 Huntington, Cape Breton, N.S. accountant.
  His parents:   Arthur R.R. Crawley ( 1831 ― 1876 )  Baptist missionary and Laura Johnston ( 1827 ― 1909 )

H.W. Crawley was married on the 2nd of March 1887 at Grand Mira, N.S.  to

Frances Emily Crawley 13 July 1867 Hillside, Mira, Cape Breton - 13 July 1948 Sydney, N.S. her parents:  Caleb Adolphus Huntington ( 1833 – 1916 ) and Emily Frances Gesner ( 1837 – 1906 )

H.W. Crawley lived at  46 Dolbin Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia , for many years.
1901 Census: City of Sydney
1911 Census  ( Automated Geneaology ) Sydney N.S., Captures the Crawley family, even though at least three were in B.C.

Henry William Crawley  1865 ― 1945   Clerk at a lumber co. he b. Burma, the rest of the family N.S.
Frances Emily Huntington  1867 ― 1948
Henry William Crawley, jr     1888 ― 1940
Arthur Richard Crawley          1891 ― 1975
Emily Frances Gesner Huntington Crawley 1893 ― 1972
Irene Alice Crawley ( 1902 – 1991 ) married to Edgar Ronald Huntington ( 1894 ― 1968 )
Augusta Hill Crawley 14 June 1904  Sydney N.S. ― ? .   In 1927 at Sydney,N.S.  she was married to John Wilfred Sheriff; and later she was married to Guy Watts ( 1902 ― 1990 ) 

The family is covered fairly well by extensive geneaology sources
covers the Crawley immediate family and the Huntingtons 

    And this diary, where I have transcribed the various references to the Crawley family below. Melvin must have been related to Frances Emily Crawley neé Huntington.

Louisbourg Collection ~ Melvin S. Huntington

July 1928  Wednesday 11
Partly clear and comfortable. Warm with moderate south west wind.
A party consisting of Mrs. H.W. Crawley, Hal Crawley, Miss Elinor Huntington, Mrs. Sheriff, Senior, Mrs. Sheriff, Junior and Baby arrived by automobile from Huntington, Grand Mira at 12 o‟clock noon and visited various points of historic interest during the afternoon.
They had dinner and tea with us and I accompanied them to “Old Town” where they were much interested in the ruined fortifications. The party left for home at about 5 p.m. with the exception of Mrs. Sheriff, Senior who remains here to visit her son, who is acting station agent at this place.

September 1928  Saturday 29
Clear and cool with fresh west to north west wind.
A party consisting of Mrs. H.W. Crawley, Mr. Hal Crawley, Mrs. Sheriff and Baby arrived shortly before noon from Grand Mira and had dinner and spent the afternoon with us. They returned by auto at about 4 p.m.
JULY 1933  Monday 24
Salmon River
Heavy rain in the early morning. Cloudy and warm during the forenoon, clearing in the late afternoon. Light southwest wind. Max temperature about 76.
In the forenoon with Heber, I motored to Phil Gibbon‟s and Arthur Crawley‟s where we made short calls. We returned home at about noon.
MAY 1935  Friday 10
Salmon River, N.S.
Clear and moderately warm, becoming cool in the afternoon and cloudy in the evening. Light rainfall during the night. Max temperature about 60.
The funeral of my mother took place in the afternoon and was largely attended by relatives, friends and neighbors of the surrounding country as well as a number from more distant parts. The funeral service began at the house at 2 P.M. and was conducted by Rev. [blank] MacIvor of the United Church, Marion Bridge. Hymns sung during the service were: “O God our help in ages past”, “Son of my Soul Thou Savior dear” and “Abide with me”. The Pallbearers were: Arthur Crawley, Angus MacKeigan, Donald MacKinnon, Sylvester MacDonald, Dan P. MacKeigan and John MacInnis. Interment took place at the “Birches”.
JULY 1935  Sunday 21
Salmon River
Clear and warm with variable winds, mostly southwest. Max temperature about 80.
In the afternoon Heber and I visited at the homes of H.W. Crawley and Philip Gibbons, returning at about 6 P.M.

JULY 1948  Tuesday 13 Death of Mrs. H.W. Crawley
The death of Mrs. H.W. Crawley occurred at the City Hospital, Sydney, today. Mrs. Crawley who was in the 82nd year of her age, is survived by three daughters and one son. The daughters are: Mrs. Guy Watts, (Augusta Hill) Huntington, N.S. Mrs. E.R. Huntington (Trent) Sydney N.S. and Mrs. Lewis Campbell, [blank] Vancouver B.C. The son, Arthur, with whom she lived, at Huntington, N.S. She was the former Frances Huntington, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Huntington, and was known in her girlhood days as “Kitten”.

JULY 1948  Thursday 15 In the evening assisted in digging the grave for the remains of the late Mrs. Henry W. Crawley, in the Backlanding cemetery.

JULY 1948  Friday 16 Funeral
At 2:30 P.M. attended the funeral of the late Mrs. Henry W. Crawley. The remains was brought from Fillmore’s Funeral Parlors, Sydney, by hearse and taken to the Baptist Church, at about 2 P.M. where the service was a half hour later. Conducted by Rev. Frederick Bone, pastor of the Huntington, Mira Gut and Holmeville Baptist Churches, assisted by Rev. J.A. MacLellan of the United Church at Marion Bridge, N.S.
The pall bearers were: Capt. E.R. Huntington and Fred. Crawley, both of Sydney, N.S., Clifford C. Huntington, N.S. and Fred. A. Huntington of Marion Bridge, N.S. Burial took place in Baptist cemetery at the “Back Landing”.
After the funeral I returned to Clifford’s where I had supper. Other guests present were: Mrs. Dunham and Mrs. Ferguson, Holmeville, Rev. Frederick Bone, and Charles Huntington, Mira Gut, Fred. Crawley, Sydney, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hussey and two children, Marion Bridge. After supper I motored to Sydney with Fred Crawley, arriving at six o’clock. Enroute we picked up Henry Gibbons at Marion Bridge. While waiting for the bus for Louisbourg, I visited Mr. and Mrs. Hedley Hopkins, at their new home, in which they have recently moved, 41 Central Street. Left for Louisbourg on “Highland Lines” bus at 8:30 P.M. Arrived at about 9:45 P.M.

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