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The Enderby’s

    Another posting in the ongoing saga of attempting to identify the various people in the Coquitlam Dam scrapbook, that the Coquitlam Archives owns.

Page 3    Photo 1: First Bridge ?, Mr. Enderby?, Mr. Carson?, George Wilson, Mr. Bester?
   [  Enderby, far right, seated ]

Page 8  1912     Photo 2:  The bob sled with Mr. Pike, Mr. Enderby?,
George Wilson, and some of the boys.
[ Mr. Enderby is the fellow with the black wide-brimmed hat ]
Page 9      Photo 2:  The sled arriving around the corner, Mr. Enderby? steering 

Page 23      Photo 1: Picnic June 15th, 1913 Mr. Pike, Hal, Mr. Enderby? and Girlie
[ Enderby far right ]  
Page 24    1913        Photo 1: Mr. Enderby? and myself    

Page 25    Photo 1:  Mr. Enderby? and I
      The Enderby  mentioned must be either of two brothers,  Alfred George Enderby ( Alfred George Ranger Enderby ) or Tom Ranger Enderby. Tom was already married by 1913, and the Enderby in these photos is not wearing a ring, although the lady AKA “I” who created the album is wearing a ring; so a good guess would be that the photos are of Alfred George Enderby.

 Alfred George Enderby 476838 Gunner. 1st Battery Reserve Brigade. Contractor. b.12 December 1889 Leicester, England. Signed his  attestation papers on the 16th of January 1916 at Vancouver, B.C.  Sadly he did not last long, he was only in the action for seven days and was killed in action on the 18th of October 1917, in the vicinity of Zonnebeke, Belgium, at the time he was assigned to the 3rd Brigade, Canadian field Artillery. Death Record and his online Memorial at another online Memorial a message “ My mothers brother who I never knew “ Ruth Allen

His father George Thomas Enderby (1855 ― ? ) was already dead by 1916,
but his mother, Ellen Jane Ranger ( 1860 ― ? ) was living at 61 Regent Road, Leicester.
The parents were married on the 20th of March 1881 at St. Philip's, Sheffield, York, England.
His father is Thomas Enderby, and her father is Thomas Edward Ranger.

The other son was Tom Ranger Enderby, he was married in September 1912 at Vancouver to Ethel Marie Adams, both were working as clerks for the BCER at the time.

The Winnipeg Tribune on the 3rd of September 1929  gave a short biography of T.R. Enderby.

       Tom Ranger Enderby manages Canada Steamship Lines from Montreal.  T. R. Enderby was trained as an engineer at the School of Technology and Engineering, Manchester. At the age of 21 he came to Canada. After two years in Toronto with the Canada Foundry Company and in executive work with the old general hospital he went to British Columbia where he worked on ships engaged in the coastal trade.
      For seven years Mr. Enderby was assistant purchasing agent for the British Columbia Electric Railway Company.
        For two years he was assistant treasurer of the Canada West Coast Navigation Company and in 1916 became attached to the Cameron Genoa Mills Shipbuilders, Ltd., of Victoria, later with the Imperial Munition  Board's construction program of steel and  wooden ships.  On the 12th of June1918  his wife Ethel Marie Enderby christened the War Skeena at the Cameron-Genoa yards, he was secretary-treasurer at this time; the yard built  a total of four war ships:   War Yukon  ―  War Haida  ―   War Stikine
     Late in 1918, Mr. Enderby became associated with the Montreal Transportation Company as secretary-treasurer. From 1919 to 1920 he was managing director of that company and upon its absorption by Canada Steamship Lines in 1920, Mr. Enderby joined the latter staff as operating manager. Until 1924 he remained in this office. In this year Mr. Enderby was appointed general manager of the reorganized Canada Steamship Lines. On April 22, 1929, at the annual meeting of the company, Mr, Enderby was elected to the board of directors.

T.R. Enderby was the Master Mason in 1932 and 1933 of St. Paul’s Lodge, No. 374 —United Grand Lodge of England, Montreal, Quebec.

    Tom was involved in shipping grain, and a ship owner, primarily in the Great Lakes, East Coast area. The Canada Steamship Lines, was a large organization, involved in shipping and tourism, the company owned and built many resorts, and decorated the ships and resorts with large collections of art works which may be part of the connection to the donor of the Coquitlam Dam scrapbook.

1891 census: Leicestershire, Aylestone, St. James, Aylestone Park,  Blaby, Cavendish road.
George T Enderby     Norfolk  (est 1855
Ellen J Enderby        Hampshire (est 1862
Ethel R Enderby          Yorkshire  (est 1882
Nora Enderby          Leicestershire  (est 1884
Tom R Enderby         Leicesterhsire  (est 1886
Hilda R Enderby          Leicestershire  (est 1887
Alfred G Enderby        Aylestone, Leicestershire  (est 1890
Annie Abell          servant   Nottinghamshire  (est 1873

Plaque at Mountain View cemetery, Vancouver, B.C.

George Ranger Enderby  Apr 4, 1914 ―  Nov 6, 1917
Alfred George Ranger Enderby
Killed In Action France
  October 18, 1917
Tom Ranger Enderby Oct 16, 1885 ―  May 29, 1939
Ethel Marie Enderby  Oct 8, 1885 ―  Aug 29, 1959
George Ranger [ Jones/*/0/15/3]  Tom and Ethel  [ Jones/*/0/15/1 cremains? ]

Their child George Ranger Enderby died of acute nephritis; the parents were living at, 2026 MacDonald Street, Vancouver at this time.

 Tom Ranger Enderby   16 October 1885 Blaby, Leicester ―  29 May 1939 ?

Mrs. Ethel Marie Enderby
Ethel Marie Enderby is also listed in Mount Royal cemetery, Montreal. A note says maybe Hawthorne-Dale cemetery (d. 29 August 1959, which conflicts with the marker at Mountain View Cemetery 29 September 1959 )
Ethel Marie Adams, b. Omagh,  Ireland  her parents Robert Adams ( 1859 ― ) and Elizabeth Ellen Osborough ( 1866 ― 1937 )
Witnesses of the marriage: Alfred George Enderby and Amy Elizabeth Adams nee Amy Elizabeth Osborough  ( 1890 ― 1971 ) her brother Ernest Hall Adams ( 1887 ― 1971 ) was  Vice-president and comptroller of the BCER
 Ernest Hall Adams  ca 1940 

E.H. Adams in the middle 1913?
Group of men assembled in front of interurban railway cars decorated for
opening of Saanich Interurban Railway.  [ Heavily cropped image ]    A08267

Just in case you are wondering what happened to the Canada Steamship Line…

The former deck-hand who bought the company

When Paul Martin finally claims the prime minister's office some time in the new year, perhaps sooner, Canada will have its first true corporate titan at the head of government.

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  1. Thank you for this! My grandfather was TR Enderby and my grandmother was Ethel Marie Adams. I have Alfred's diary that was returned from the front.